PTFE Film Adhesive Tape
High Strength and Adhesive White PTFE Film Tape for Building Membrane

High Strength and Adhesive White PTFE Film Tape for Building Membrane. Oriented PTFE Film with strong silicone adhesive one sided.


Stronger adhesive for waterproof or repair of building membrane materials such as ETFE, PTFE.

PTFE film with single side silicone adhesive, no residue after removal.

Key Characteristics

  • Non-stick PTFE film provides a slippery and anti-friction surface.

  • Silicone adhesive provides clean removal with no residue.

  • Outstanding chemical resistance and inertness

  • High temperature resistance to 260℃

  • Dielectric insulation properties

  • Good wear resistance

  • Superior flame resistance


Adhesive: Silicone

Backing: PTFE film 

Thickness: 0.18mm (Customized)

Width: Max 300mm

Continuous Working Temperature: -70°C to 260°C


  • Providing excellent mold release in composite bonding

  • Wrapping and insulation connection of high temp. and high voltage cables

  • Wrapping web rollers to reduce friction

  • Covering web former edges to minimize friction during folding

  • Noise reduction of parts where surfaces rub together

  • Increasing wear life of parts

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