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FEP Film Adhesive Tape

3D Printing FEP Film with Silicone Adhesive

FEP Film Tape uses high performance fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) film made from 100% virgin FEP resin as base material. This tape offers an extremely low coefficient of friction, in combination with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive, creates a smooth, non-stick surface over a variety of substrates to assist in the movement of materials in many types of lay-flat applications. Tape creates easy to release surface for ink and adhesive on rollers, plates, and belts.


Optically transparent for 3d printing.

With single side silicone adhesive, easy to fix, no residue after removal.

100% clearest level  fep film as base material.

Light transmittance ≥95.

Key Characteristics

  • Non-stick FEP film provides a slippery and anti-friction surface.

  • Silicone adhesive provides clean removal with no residue.

  • Outstanding chemical resistance and inertness

  • Optically transparent for 3d printing

  • Dielectric insulation properties

  • Good wear resistance

  • Superior flame resistance


Adhesive: Silicone

Backing: FEP film 

Thickness: 0.08mm, 0.13mm (Customized)

Width: 400mm, can cut to pieces with both sides protection layer.

Continuous Working Temperature: -80°C to 200°C

adhesive fep.jpg

Technical Parameters

fep adhesive.png

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